New Review of Ruby Among Us

Reviews are sometimes scary things to read when one is the author, but I thought I would share this new review from Blog Critics. Besides the fact that it’s a beautiful review and frankly I’m quite surprised and very honored, I’m really excited that this reviewer “got it.”

Here is the link if you want to read it:  Blog Critics Review of Ruby Among Us

I respect an honest review, even when it’s less than stellar, but it’s a wonderful feeling to know when the book has really spoken to the reader and their response is that they came away glad they read it.  I can’t even describe the feeling it gives me.


4 thoughts on “New Review of Ruby Among Us

  1. Hi ladies. Nope. It is a total coincidence. Isn’t that strange? But I love the name. It fits my Max so well! I named my character Max just because it seemed to fit my character. Then I got the idea for the last name from a married couple I knew in college. Then his first name morphed into Maxwell during the scene where Lucy and Max meet and there is a little joke about their long names, but as you will see, the rest of the time everyone just calls him Max. I don’t mind that he shares a name with a character that fans of The Nanny love so much! They are very different, but have a great last name!


  2. Hi! I am reading the book too and I had to find out if you intentionally named Max’s character after the character on “The Nanny”. How strange that it was a total coincidence.

    Loving the book, by the way!


  3. I’m reading the book now and am curious whether you are a fan of The Nanny. Maxwell Sheffield is the name of the Broadway producer/father on that 90s TV show, and it’s a rather unusual choice for a character name!


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