Loving My Job

This morning I woke up at 4:30 am, got all dressed up and grabbed a copy of my book. At 5:30 am I drove through the quiet town with scarcely a soul in site. It was so early that our intersections were set to flashing lights!

At around 6:20 I was on the air with my library’s publicist, a pro at TV, and a sweet, bright-eyed anchor from KGWN CBS Channel 5 who interviewed us for about two minutes about my book and the upcoming launch party to be held at the Laramie County Library in Wyoming (See appearances tab for details).

By 6:45 I was walking into the grocery store to grab a couple of Starbucks from the kiosk. I noted a few folks looked at me a little funny, like maybe they had just seen me on TV! I didn’t let it go to my head.

Ten minutes later I was home, changed into a sweat suit and sending my husband out the door, with his Starbucks in hand, to go to his office.

I thought, “I love my job. While everyone else is getting all dressed up to head to work, I’m getting dressed down to go to work.”

The writer’s life has a few little perks that are nice.


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