One More Day to Publication

Only one day until Ruby Among Us releases! I noticed the copy I pre-ordered from Amazon has shipped (Yes! Of course I ordered a copy as soon as it went up! I had to make sure it was working and all that), so if you pre-ordered then you should get it soon. Hopefully tomorrow!

I also wanted to tell you about a great site that is hosting an interview with me this week. SORMAG is an award winning on-line magazine for readers and writers of multi-cultural literature. I am honored they are hosting me since while Ruby Among Us has not been promoted as multi-cultural (that I know of), its characters do have Mexican/Hispanic American heritage. Plus the magazine’s owner showcases many kinds of books, not just romance, by authors of every kind of heritage – hence the description of multi-cultural. It’s a super site and the owner asked me some compelling questions.

I also had an interview on the blog of Jennifer Hudson Taylor a few weeks ago and I forgot to tell you about it. She has a great site and it was fun answering interesting questions for her readers. Jennifer is also an author and showcases many wonderful authors on her blog.

So click on the links above and enjoy the interviews! And I won’t beg you to please, please buy my book since I’m just a struggling debut novelist. That would too easily prove that I am very Green about this whole process…but if you want to buy it I hope you enjoy and are blessed by the story!


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