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Congratulations to our Country’s Library of the Year – Laramie County Library!


If you have read the bio on the book jacket of Ruby Among Us or on my website, you know that I serve on the Foundation Board of Directors for the Laramie County Library. I am extremely excited to congratulate my library on winning the Library of the Year award as featured in Library Journal! This is like the academy award for libraries, folks, and I, with my wonderful community, get to be part of it!

To see pictures and read about this wonderful library, go here: Library Journal – Laramie County Library wins 2008 Library of the Year Award. You can now see why I was so excited for the Laramie County Library to host my very first Launch Party!

As I ponder the incredible journey of our library, my mind wanders back to a journey of my own when I was a single mother looking for places to take my daughter that were free. The Laramie County Library was one of my top choices because we could just hang out in the children’s section for as long as we wanted to. We read, played games and sometimes I even had the chance to read a book of my own while my daughter was easily entertained nearby. After I was married, I took all of my kids to the library with me and on a few occasions I even worked on Ruby Among Us sitting with my laptop in a teeny tiny, kid-sized chair.

That old library was good and holds lots of memories for me, but the new library building that opened up in 2007 is amazing. It’s still our great library, but even better. Now there is an entire floor to take my kids to.  I’m so honored to be on the foundation’s board and to be part of a facility that works so hard to meet the library needs of families in Wyoming and is a stunning example for libraries all around the United States.

Support your libraries folks! They are the doors to the past and the future.

by Tina Ann Forkner

3 thoughts on “Congratulations to our Country’s Library of the Year – Laramie County Library!

  1. As a member of the Burgeon Group Team, I was deeply humbled by the honors your library has received. Each of us contributed part of our souls in making the lives of the children of Laramie a little bit happier than they were yesterday. We are so blessed…

    Michael McNally
    aka devinsbuddy


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