A Garden Tour


 In Ruby Among Us, the setting is lush with roses and floral images because I love    gardens so much. Kitty, the grandmother in the story, has a miraculous green thumb and I made her that way because I wish I had that same gardening gift. Of course it helps that Kitty gardens in Sacramento and in the Sonoma Valley where the temperate climate lends itself to being the home of numerous Master gardeners!

When I lived in California, I was learning so many good things about gardening – and then I came to Wyoming. I love Wyoming, but the temperatures, the short summers, the wind and the lack of moisture in summer make it very difficult to get things to grow. But I’m trying and I hope to have some pictures to post later on in the summer about my success (or lack of)! Right now, the flowers haven’t grown enough to photograph! But I’m including some photos of what gardening looks like in Wyoming once things start to take off.

Until Then, take a look at some of the beautiful gardens on this Garden Tour hosted at the darling blog called The Preacher’s Wife.

My kids smelling the roses at our community’s Botanic Garden. Before my daughter and I met “the boys” and I married their father, we gardened a small plot at the community gardens here. We have fond memories of our time together and still love to visit.

We even got married at the gardens and they still looked pretty good for September. Soon after this winter rains and early snows started to fall on Wyoming!

The day after this photo was taken of my parents, a storm came in and blew every blossom off of this crab appletree. You can barely see a glimpse of my vegetable flower garden in the background. The plants were all still in their peat pots in my house because a call to our botanic gardens said we might need to wait another week. It’s a good thing we did because the storm brought tornado watches and hail. Some of the plants I was hardening off in trays were blown apart before we could even get them back in the house.

Kitty, the character from my novel, would grow gardens like this one in the Sonoma Valley. She is especially good at growing roses.


Photo Credit: Flickr.com circleoflight

All other Photos property of Tina Ann Forkner

By Tina Ann Forkner

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