My Life in a Notebook

Being a published author is great. I am certainly never going to complain about it, but having a book out definitely changes a writer’s daily schedule.

What used to be a simple routine of writing in the morning before work has morphed into a full-time job of writing as often as possible while also keeping track of a whole list of publicity appointments, editing, more writing projects and, of course, being a mom and a wife.

When I worked as an Assistant, it was easy. I kept track of long term appointments in Outlook the same as I did for my boss and then I kept track of both our appointments in my day planner. Fast forward to working full-time at home. My handy mega planner has become a waste of time. I hardly ever take it out.

My planner makes me feel confined. When it comes to my daily schedule, all those boxes and lines just kill my creativity. So, I’m keeping my long term appointments, etc. in Outlook, but have gone back to a plain old notebook for my daily routine.

I was reminded about the notebook and daily list approach during a class taught by Mary DeMuth last month at a writing conference. When she talked about writing a daily schedule in a simple notebook, I remembered it was exactly what I used to do. But as I became an organized assistant in my day job, I’d adapted to a system that was great for my career as an Assistant, but it no longer fit who I was as a writer.

Now I am on my way to becoming organized again. I’ve always been a note scribbler anyway, so I might as well put it to another good use. I personally like Moleskine leather journals, but any spiral notebook or pad would work well. I feel so free! No square boxes or pre-written dates for me.

What about you? Are you organized? If so, how do you stay that way?

Photo Credit: flickr.com_maxcx

One thought on “My Life in a Notebook

  1. Like you, I think we can make our organization too complicated. I have a small pad and I use it to make my daily list of “TO DO’s”. I also have a calendar that has plenty of room on each day to write down appointments etc. Staying organized buys me time which I can always use. Thanks for the post!


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