Deadly Exposure

I want to introduce you to my friend, Cara Putman. She is a lawyer, mom and published author and I think her journey might inspire you. She is a hard worker and her efforts are making a difference to her writing career, her family and those around her. I am reading her book Deadly Exposure now, but I remember when she received her first writing contract a few years ago. She certainly hasn’t let publication prevent her from being an all around encourager for other aspiring and newly published authors. She was gracious enough to answer a few questions for us about her writing and mothering journey:

Who is your favorite character of all time?

I’ve always loved Anne from Anne of Green Gables. I make lots of mistakes, but try not to make them more than once — so love her motto. I also love her spunk. Then there’s Katie Scarlett in Gone with the Wind. Basically, I like strong women in real life situations. Current favorites Bree from Colleen Coble’s Rock Harbor series, Colton Parker from Brandt Dodson’s PI series, and Lucy from your book. What a great character who isn’t perfect, but striving to do the best she can.

How do you manage your time as a mom, writer and volunteer?

I’m not sure. But one of the keys is that I’m learning to ask for help. The hard part for me is keeping a focus on my kids and making them a priority when I have deadlines looming. I pray I’m getting better, but keep
that foremost in my mind. My husband is very supportive, yet questions if I’m over-scheduled — he’s a good check for me. I’m also asking God what I should step away from…that’s a hard one because I enjoy everything I do. Reality is something will probably have to change. And I want to hear from Him first. I love to serve others, but need to find a good balance.

Until I find that, I try to capture every moment I can for writing, ACFW board work and reading. And I consider myself very lucky that I’m paid to do what I love! Create stories that hopefully entertain and change lives.
Tell us about your journey to publication:

I’ve loved to read since I could pick out words. And out of that grew a desire to write my own books. I tried my hand at it as a teen, and then got busy with life. But the dream would burble back to the surface every few years. I’d hold it in my hands and ask God if it was time to kill it, breathe life into it, or put it back on the shelf. For years, He said wait. So I’d read novels, pick up how to write books at the library, and wait.

Then in April 2005, I went to a booksigning at my local Parables store. I was determined, almost obsessed, with getting to that event – to the point I think my husband wondered what was up. I thought I just wanted to meet Colleen Coble. God knew much more would come out of it. Colleen and I were chatting, when Eric asked her if I’d mentioned I wanted to be a writer. Colleen lit up in her special way, and the next thing I know I have marching orders.

I emailed her a quick thank you, and followed her advice. She truly was the midwife for this book. She encouraged me every step of the way and has become a dear friend in the process.

I sold my first book at the ACFW Conference in September 2006 – it was a quick process, and I’m so grateful for the way God has guided me and chided me when I need to spend more time with my fingers firmly attached to the keyboard. But I went to the conference needing to know that God was pleased with my efforts. And getting that first contract in front of so many friends and colleagues was an amazing confirmation.
Tell us about your current book:

In May I had two books release. Sandhill Dreams is a historical romance set at Fort Robinson, Nebraska during World War Two. With her dreams shattered, will Lainie Gardner allow God and a soldier at Fort Robinson to breathe life into new dreams that will bring her more joy than she imagined? Deadly
Exposure is my first romantic suspense with Love Inspired Suspense.  With a stalker closing in, will television journalist Dani Richards trust her former love and police investigator Caleb Jamison to help her and God to rescue her?

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