Book Signings With Friends

 Saturday I signed books at Cheyenne Barnes and Noble with the lovely Megan DiMaria and author of Searching for Spice, a book about a woman who wants to have an affair… with her husband! I’ve read Megan’s book and you should too! I first met Megan a few years ago before either one of us were published. It’s been fun to have our novels debut around the same time.

During our signing, we chatted with many wonderful folks from Cheyenne and the surrounding area. Since my first novel, Ruby Among Us, first released in May, I have discovered just how wonderful and supportive my community is of local authors. There seems to be no end to the kindness shown to me and I’m glad they welcomed Megan, who lives next door in Colorado, so warmly.

During this particular signing, a book club member came in to have me sign a book for her and say that her club chose Ruby Among Us for one of their upcoming reads. I am so excited about this. I love book clubs and have already met with one club in the area (the PEO Chapter Z book club). They were a delight. If any of you out there are in book clubs and would like me to visit or do a phone call with your club, let me know! Megan does book clubs too, by the way. Searching for Spice would be a great selection.

A few weeks ago, I signed with Megan again at Cornerstone Christian Supply in Cheyenne. We were joined by our friend, popular speaker and author, Jami Kirkbride, who signed copies of Laundry Tales and the new book The Mommy Diaries, a great book from MOPS that has several of Jami’s wonderful stories about the adventures of being a mom.

My friend and author Karen Mackey signed copies of Life Savors for Women during the Cornerstone signing. You really need to pick up this book and read Karen’s very inspiring tale. All of the stories in this book are good, but Karen is a Wyoming native who has a very distinctive voice that you will no doubt love. Jami and Karen both are authors to watch.

Here we are in a photo together from left to right: Jami, me, Karen and Megan

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