I’m back (and a Book Update!)

We got back from DC late Sunday night. We had a great time. You just cannot visit DC without feeling a sense of pride in our country. We did lots of sightseeing until I thought my feet would fall off, but during the day I worked on editing my latest manuscript. Since I was tagging along on Albert’s business trip, I had lots of time for writing.

On this trip, I also needed a hat just to keep cool! It was hot, hot, hot. I love hats and I used to wear them often. I haven’t worn many since I moved to Wyoming just because of the wind, but Albert apparently likes me in hats because he bought two new ones for me. The one in this picture is more casual, which I like, but I have a dressier one too. They sure will come in handy when my daughter and I are hanging out at the park and when I’m watching the boys at their baseball games. Did you know that kids’ baseball games last close to two hours? Multiply that times two and that’s a lot of sitting in the sun.

This picture was taken at the visitor’s center in Alexandria, Virginia by a woman dressed in period clothing from the 1800’s. Alexandria is beautiful!

More about the trip later…

Writerly Update:

I was so very surprised, and honored, to learn that Ruby Among Us is an Editor’s Fiction Pick at Christianbook.com. If you subscribe to their newsletter, you probably received their latest one with the other picks including The Shack, Eighth Shepherd, The Moon in the Mango Tree, and Vanish. I know that the editor reads tons of wonderful books each month. That she would include mine in the list beside such great fiction authors is a huge surprise. I am so grateful.  Be sure to head over and check out the other books on this list!

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