What Debut Novelists Hope For

My book has been on the shelves for a whole two months. One might think that by this time, reviews would be old news and I would be able to hold myself in check, not wanting to sound as if I really care if I have a positive review or if somebody really gets my book. After all, there is a greater hand at work with my career and in the end, it is what it is. I do not write for accolades.

I write because I love to write, but it is still true that most debut novelists enjoy knowing our work has touched someone in a positive way. That is what we hope for, to connect with a reader; someone we do not know well, but have a connection to for the duration of the story.

I just read a review by writer and reader Patti Lacy of my novel. Patti writes, “Savor the lush prose in this debut novel, and let the lesson of redemptive healing wash over your own familial hurts.” 

Such praise makes me want to hide away, but like a child who secretly wishes for just a pat on the head once in awhile, here I am blushing and blogging about it. Read the Rest of the Review and then check out Patti Lacy’s book, An Irishwoman’s Tale. There is already buzz going around about Patti’s novel and I can’t wait to read it myself.

I do not know Patti well yet, but we met once, two years ago, at an ACFW writing conference. On one evening we spent two hours walking the mall with three other women (all the stores were closed) and dining at a Mexican Restaurant. You would be surprised at how many things we writers can find to talk to each other about for that amount of time, but it’s mostly writing.

I learned that Patti was hoping to sell her book and I told her about my newly signed book contract. We were both still pre-published and full of hope and fear about our writing. Now, here we are connecting again through the release of our first novels and hoping readers will connect with our stories.

Even though I’m only a few months ahead of her, I smile when I think of Patti getting her first letter (these days they usually come as email) from a reader and imagining her releasing a little breath, knowing it’s the one thing she hoped for all the time, to connect with a reader.

Here’s to many readers, Patti!

Read it:

An Irishwoman’s Tale, by Patti Lacy

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