Ruby Among Us is an August Books a Million Book Club Selection!

When we were in the D.C. area a few weeks ago, we tried to stop at bookstores if we happened to pass by them. Imagine how surprised we were when we walked into the Books A Million store at Dupont circle and saw a big display of Ruby Among Us near the front of the store! Ruby Among Us is part of the August nation wide Books a Million Book Club (call your store to get into a club!) and on the display, it was the FaithPoint selection right in the center! So much for playing it cool. My hubby and I couldn’t even hide our grins. We had debut author and husband written all over our silly faces.

Meeting Some of the Books a Million Staff:

I introduced myself and thanked the manager for carrying Ruby Among Us, telling him how excited I was to see such a beautiful display. He had me sign their stock.  The same thing happened when we were in Alexandria, VA. We passed by a Books a Million on King Street and the manager there also had me sign all of their copies. Both stores were great. They didn’t just have me sign a few. They had me sign them all! And there were plenty of copies.

What a wonderful and strange feeling it was as I stood there signing my copies. I looked awful in my tourist garb, it was hot, hot, hot that week so I had to be sweaty, and as one sweet employee pointed out, I looked a little young to be an author (bless her). I’m sure I didn’t look like an author, but the managers and their employees were more than gracious to me and I was just really amazed at how friendly and enthusiastic their employees were about their books.

About the Club/How You Can Get Involved:

I am still learning about Books a Million, but apparently they are really popular in the south and eastern parts of the United States. You might have one in your area. They actually will have a book club meeting in each of their stores during the month of August for Ruby Among Us, so if you want to get in on the meeting in your area, call your store and find out the date. If you buy your book beforehand, there are also some brochures next to each book with questions. If you participate, be sure to check back here for bonus questions I’ll be posting.

They picked ME?

Other past Books a Million club selections have included The Confessions of Max Tivoli, The Friday Night Knitting Club, and The Patron Saint of Liars. Other FaithPoint selections have included Embrace Me, The Convenient Groom, Where My Heart Belongs, and After the Leaves Fall. I feel so honored to be included!!

Get your Autographed Copy in the DC Area:

If you are in Dupont Circle or Alexandria and want to get one of their autographed copies of Ruby Among Us, here are the addresses:

Books-A-Million #948
11 Dupont Circle N.W.
Washington, DC 20036

Books-A-Million #117
503 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

Book Plates and Phone Calls:

If you aren’t in the DC area and would like a signed book plate, just email me and I’ll send you one. Also, if your book club would like to schedule a phone call with me during one of your meetings, email me or for details.

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