From San Francisco

I’ve been in San Francisco this week tagging along on another business trip with my husband. It’s been nice to work on edits with no interruptions, but I have come up for air a few times and ventured outside of the hotel. I love San Francisco. It has character. We are blessed to be staying in the Marines Memorial Hotel, thanks to a member who graciously counted us among her guests. It’s really an amazing place.

Marine Memorial

On the 10th floor there is a memorial to soldiers who have given their lives in Iraq. We found the name of someone we know. It’s not that we knew him personally, but I met him at least once in Santa Rosa through my daughter’s Uncle and dear friend, Raymond. Patrick O’Day’s life has inspired much heroism in his friends, but especially in Raymond, who enlisted shortly after Patrick’s death. We are so proud of Raymond and it was moving to find his best friend Patrick’s name on the memorial wall at the Marines Memorial Hotel here in SF.

Ruby Among Us Sightings

While out and about, I passed by two Borders, so stopped in and signed a few copies of my books. One on Post & Powell (I think) and one inside Union Station. I have to admit that I don’t think I’ll ever get used to signing copies of my books. It’s a difficult feeling to describe. I’m always a little bit embarrassed to introduce myself.

Looking Like a Writer

Do I look like a writer in my touristy capris and Old Navy t-shirts? Of course not, but the managers of the stores, the few times I’ve  done this, have been gracious. If they think I look like a crumb of an author, they are too nice to say, so on the most part I’ll stick to my trusty jeans and capris.

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