2008 Colorado Gold Conference

I just got back from the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold Conference in Denver. Here I am with fellow RMFW author and friend Pamela Nowak. We are showing off our RMFW PEN awards. The PEN awards honor RMFW members who have received their first publishing contract.

And thanks to Nina & Ron at Who Else! Books for running such a great conference bookstore. They have autographed copies of Ruby Among Us, as well as Pamela Nowak’s novel, Choices, and other RMFW authors’ books. Please go visit them if you are in the Denver area. They are located at the Denver Book Mall, 32 Broadway, Denver, 303 -733  -3808.

If you were at the First Sale Panel and didn’t get your question answered before we ran out of time, feel free to email me. It was a great conference and I hope everyone there had as much fun as I did. Happy Writing!!!

2 thoughts on “2008 Colorado Gold Conference

  1. Hi Nina and Ron! I’m going to put the address in the post. Thanks for letting me know. And it was great to meet you both. Enjoy the book… I am not going to take sides. 🙂


  2. Thanks for the nice words, Tina. We loved meeting you and working with you to sell your book. (My husband and I are almost fighting over who gets to read it first.) One note, however: Who Else! Books is located at the Denver Book Mall, 32 Broadway, Denver, 303-733-3808. There is no phone listing or separate location for Who Else! Books, and we don’t want readers to get frustrated trying to find us.
    Nina and Ron Else


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