Adventures in Wyo Gardening

I’m coming up for air to bring you this nonsensical report about my garden, which I know you are just dying to hear. Back in April, my friend Lisa hosted an on-line Garden Party. It wasn’t the best timing for those of us who live in wild, windy Wyoming, so I promised in my Garden Party Post that I’d update you later. Let’s just say things finally grew, but then Fall came.

The Garden in August (Keep in mind I don’t have Master Gardener talent, like Kitty’s characater in my book. I made her that way because I wish I could have gardening talent!)

The growing season is so short that in August my garden was just barely taking off, and then it had an amazing growth spurt toward the end of the month.




The Garden Now

The Mammoth Sunflowers are very contrary this year. They decided to peek over to entertain the neighbors and never did follow the sun over to our house in the afternoon. I’ve been told they are just too heavy, but the neighbors haven’t complained once.

By early to mid September, things started to look pretty great, and then Fall showed up. The tomatoes were just starting to ripen. I think they changed their mind. And then, when I returned home from a four day trip, I noticed the leaves on the crab apple tree already turning yellow. The tomatoes don’t have a chance. Can anyone say Fried Green Tomatoes?

I wish I could say there is a rhyme or reason to my gardening method, but I have to be honest. There isn’t. 

When I lived in England I became enamored with how many things people managed to fit into an extremely small space. Our current backyard is also very small and our garden space sparse, so I basically throw the seeds out and whatever survives the wind, the late (and totally unpredictable) frosts, or doesn’t get eaten by the birds is what we are left with in the end. The result can look haphazard to some, but to me it’s rather charming.

This year we had sunflowers (always a winner), cherry tomatoes, beef-steak tomatoes (the ones that won’t have time to ripen), zuchini, nasturtium, basil, cilantro, marigolds (easy!), Zinnia, and a variety of flowers for hummingbirds (we got those out of a garden seed packet just for hummingbirds). We ended up with two hummingbirds, so they must have been the right varieties. 





 The space is sometimes a little crowded, sometimes a little bare.

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