A Weekend with Writers

 I spent this weekend with hundreds of writers at the ACFW Conference in Minneapolis. After two weekends of conferences in a row my brain is mud, but I hope in a few days all that new stuff I learned will gel. The best class I took was one by James Scott Bell. If you ever get a chance to take a course from him, it will be an eye opener, for sure -Good stuff.

The best part of conferences, to me, is getting to hang out with my writer pals and meet new ones. Above is a picture of my author friends Megan DiMaria and Nicole Young at TGIFriday’s.

Posing with Jessica Barnes, one of the editors from Waterbrook Press (my publisher!)

Below I’m hanging out with my dinner buddies, Megan and author Amber Miller (Who wore a cool cloak and a tiara!).  







Amber (we also know her as Tiff) is married to a Speculative Fiction writer, so it wasn’t until after we sat down by her that we discovered we were at the table with Jeff Gerke and his strange minions. They were quite a strange lot, but mightily supportive of their fellow fantasy, trekker-type, sci-fi writers. They even let a romance writer and two women’s fiction writers sit with them. Of course, Tiff was married to one, so they had to let her sit by Stuart, and then they had to let her friends sit there too, but all in all, we agreed we were sitting at the best table. 

 I ran into Jeff Gerke later at the airport and we talked about his new press, Marcher Lord Press, which will publish Speculative Fiction. I don’t even want to try to explain what it’s about, so visit the site to learn more. I can tell you it’s from a Christian worldview. Sound weird? Well, it is and everyone is getting really excited about it. 

I have more pictures that I’ll post later of some readers who stopped by the book signing to visit, but for now it’s back to edits on book two…

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