Me, a Snazzy Dresser?

One of my favorite readers, Mimi, posted some pics of the Mall of America Book signing over at her blog. She says I am a Snazzy Dresser. I had NO idea. I was just thinking the whole time how cute and comfortable Mimi looked in her jeans and T. I love Mimi’s blog and her post about the signing is way better than mine, so… hop on over to see her great pics of many of the authors who participated at Woven by Words.

Thanks to all of you who came to the Mall and managed to find me in such a huge assemblage of authors. It was great meeting you! I was really excited to meet some book club leaders, including Sue and Patty who took me to coffee! Thanks ladies!

One thought on “Me, a Snazzy Dresser?

  1. Hi Tina. I was serious calling you a “snazzy” dresser! You always look so put together whether it’s your movie trailer, photos or in person! Must be a gift. You know, God gives certain ones to people…I didn’t get the gift of snazzy dressing. tee hee hee

    Well, M. C. Pearson from FIRST has tagged me and now I’m tagging 6 other people. I don’t usually do forwards or things like this, but I did this one time. Don’t worry about doing it, I’m just following the rules.

    You can visit my site to get the rules

    Have a great weekend Tina. Many blessings to you!



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