Forkner Family Camping Trip (c) 2008
Forkner Family Camping Trip (c) 2008

Now that I’ve submitted edits for Rose House, I’m hoping I’ll have a little more time to keep up on my blogging. The past few months have been hectic. I have a friend who teaches a writing seminar on how writers can manage their priorities and I can see that it’s needed.

When I wrote Ruby Among Us, nobody was expecting it. I didn’t have an agent and an editor waiting for the manuscript to arrive in their in-boxes. I was a writer free to write with no thoughts about what anybody wanted or really  thought about my writing.

A funny thing happens when an author gets published. It’s called pressure. I don’t know if all authors have it, but I really felt it this time more than on RAU. I was nervous when Ruby Among Us was about to be published, but with Rose House, I’m terrified.

Oh sure, I’m excited, of course! But it’s a different kind of feeling than I was expecting. Of course we still have several months to go since Rose House doesn’t actually release until May 2009. I might as well not worry about it yet, but I do.

I’m happy for my readers who have supported me with words of encouragement and I’m especially happy for my family. If you ever find yourself a published novelist, be sure to spend some time around kids. If you don’t have children, then borrow some for one day. They will keep you grounded for sure.

Every time I clean their bathrooms, straighten the beds they forgot to make, or have one of them tell me I’m a cool mom because I plan camping trips, take them fishing, and know how to cook over a fire, I have to smile. Being a writer is really wonderful and my kids think it’s cool, but in the end, they just want to show me the test they scored a 100 on, see me at their activities, and yes, even read “someone else’s book” with me at bed time.

Once in awhile, one of them will say something sweet like, do you know J.K. Rowling? Now That makes me smile. It’s kind of like when my daughter asked her step-dad if he would ever consider running for President. He’s been talking about the election quite a bit and all we can figure is that since he likes talking about politics, she thinks he must want to be a politician. If I’m a writer, then I must know all of their favorite authors.

I guess being published isn’t what really validates a life…

3 thoughts on “Validation

  1. Lovely thoughts, Tina.

    I hope one day I have my own book to not read to my own kids at bedtime too. Oh right, my kids are 16 and 13. They’d call 911 if I started reading them a story.



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