Give Presence for Christmas

Are you tired of the commercialism of Christmas? I know I am. Every year I hear people say it’s time to cut back, but this is the year that many of us have no choice. I for one plan to use this time to get back to the true meaning of Christmas. Baking, playing, spending time with my family. It’s called Presence instead of Presents, as you will see in this pretty neat video, which I first saw on Angela Hunt’s blog:

2 thoughts on “Give Presence for Christmas

  1. Wow! That was a great video; a well put together eye-opener. I am so thankful that our church is one that gives all year around. Our church sponsors orphans in Cambodia and other 3rd world country. I also sponsor some at home type missionaries who work with a christian camp for abused kids in the Foster Care system. This camp is Camp Alandale. They have a week long camp for kids in the foster care system where they pour out God’s love to these kids. Most of them come to know Christ and surrender their pain to Jesus. These kids are invited to a weekend Winter camp as well.


  2. That was awesome. We too every year sponsor a needy family, it truly is the highlight of my season. Sponsoring a well is something we will definitely do this year.


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