Surviving Domestic Abuse: Jami’s Story

Congratulations to fellow writer and my good friend, Jami Kirkbride, for her series that was recently published at Jami is a popular speaker and talented writer who is known for being a huge encourager to women. She often shares parts of her personal journey, but this time, she is really putting it out there and readers are sure to be moved by Jami’s honest telling of her true story. 

Please stop in and read Jami’s articles about her journey and amazing survival of Domestic Abuse:

Behind Closed Doors – Part One

Behind Closed Doors – Part Two

And pass this on to others, so the story can help other women.

One thought on “Surviving Domestic Abuse: Jami’s Story

  1. Tina,

    This series is real and educational along with encouraging! Jami is to be commended for laying it on the line! From somewhere deep within I too, reached into my own shattered past and wrote the details in order to heal. The result? A published story that is 100% donated to a project. If anyone would be interested please look into it:


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