Sneak Peek of a Second Novel

I love when my fingers fly over the keys pecking out a new manuscript. I give them complete permission to write anything they want. When I do that, the story always pours right out of me. It always has. Of course, then I got published.

Once I became a contracted writer, all kinds of new thoughts started to fill my brain. They tried to crowd out my fresh ideas and squash my personal style. I did my best to ignore them and I wrote my next book anyway. I wrote it even if the “voices” did say that my ability to write a book was a one time deal. I was just lucky, right? Who was I to think I could do it again? Was I crazy?

Then came editing.

Editing is wonderful. I love the opportunity to fine tune my manuscript, but I’m not afraid to admit that it can be crazy sometimes too and that I’m glad it’s over. Today I have been reading over my galleys one last time. During this read, I’m only allowed to make minor changes that preserve the integrity of the manuscript.

The typeset is beautiful and I’m excited that upon this second read, I feel more confident about my new manuscript. I hope you will like it too.

If you aren’t on my newsletter list and missed the “Sneak Peek” of Rose House and its description here you go:


About Rose House

Four years after a tragic accident has destroyed her family, Lillian Diamon returns to the nearby Rose House, a cottage in the lush Sonoma Valley where she once poured out her anguish among the tangle of vines and fragrant blossoms. Wandering in the nearby town of La Rosaleda, Lillian stumbles into a small art gallery and comes face-to-face with that heartbroken moment. The painting renders every detail of her grief, from the sorrow etched across her face to the sandals on her feet.

Stunned, Lillian wonders who watched her private lament, and who would dare to capture on canvas such a personal scene. As she searches for the painter, a mystery surrounding the portrait entangles not only the artist, Truman Clark, but also Lillian’s sister, Geena, whom she believes was instrumental in the accident that claimed the lives of her husband and children.

A captivating novel rich in detail, Rose House explores how our lives are like a canvas capturing shadow and pain, but also light and transcendence—and how, like a work of art, a master can work wonders in a creation.

Rose House is now available for Pre-Order Online. Ruby Among Us, the first novel in the set, is available nationwide in bookstores and online.

4 thoughts on “Sneak Peek of a Second Novel

  1. Lonna, you are an inspiration to me!

    Joanne, you are so right. It is writing, but at a different level. May you stay the course and be blessed with the results of your finished manuscript.

    Amy, keep at it. I don’t think you can edit fiction too much. It can always be better. That’s the only reason I would want to take Rose House back for awhile. Keep me updated!


  2. I agree with you that editing is wonderful. I feel a sense of relief that the story is complete, and now awaiting the finetuning. It’s still writing, but at a different level. The new book sounds great, congrats!


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