My Library Friends

libraryThis past weekend I was invited to tag along with my library friends at the American Library Association Mid-Winter Meeting in Denver. While there, I stopped by the Random House booth to see if any books from my publisher, Waterbrook Press, were there (Waterbrook is a division of Random House).

I did see Cindy Woodsmall’s latest book and while my memory is fuzzy about which ones, there were other books from my publisher there, as well. There was even a stack of Ruby Among Us prominently displayed. Imagine that! It was so nice of them to have Ruby Among Us amongst so many other books for librarians to shop for.

I sheepishly introduced myself to the Random House reps, who thanks to the Marketing person at Waterbrook, were expecting me. They were great. They greeted me like I was a real author and told me to take any Advanced Reader Copies that interested me. Perhaps they shouldn’t have said that.

I couldn’t believe my luck when I snagged a copy of Home Safe, by Elizabeth Berg, one of my favorite authors and while I tried to be subtle, I admit that I was pretty shameless as I picked up Advance Reader Copies. I only hope the RH reps didn’t notice my gluttony. In my defense, my plan is to share the Advance Reader Copies with my library, along with my list of favorites. 

You may not have advanced copies of books, but did you know you can suggest books to be carried in your library’s collection?   Today I blogged about libraries over at Writer Interrupted. Click on over and add your two cents.


4 thoughts on “My Library Friends

  1. Yes, Angie is right. You are a real author. 🙂 Now did your library ever agree to order my book? I keep checking the WorldCat system. It’s fun to see where your book is being checked out and what libraries have it. Do you ever do that or am I the only WorldCat junkie who spies on her own book borrowing?


    1. Michelle, I sometimes look at WorldCat too. I love libraries, so it’s fun to see my books in libraries. I’ll check this week to see if ours has yours. I know the YA librarian, so if your publisher wanted to send me a copy I could get it to her. Plus, I realized yesterday that I don’t have my own copy to see what my endorsement looks like on the book! 🙂 Looking forward to your next one.


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