Special Interview With Author Mary E. DeMuth

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I’m excited to offer a wonderful interview with author, Mary E. DeMuth. Mary is the author of the new novel, Daisy Chain

Read my review of Daisy Chain Here.

Tina: How long did it take you to write your latest novel, Daisy Chain? What was the process like for you?

Mary: The book took about five months to write, but since it was the set-up for the trilogy, it took about the same amount of time to edit it. The writing was swift and enjoyable; the editing, not so much. But I’m so thankful I dug deeper, working harder on creating more cohesive scenes and crafting a more deliberate book.

Tina: Your first two novels Watching the Tree Limbs and Wishing on Dandelions were also set in Texas, but Daisy Chain has a different rhythm to it. How have you grown between your debut novel and now?

Mary: I am less metaphoric and more stark. I credit The Kite Runner for that shift. I loved how Hosseini captured the rawness of his character’s world without much fanfare. I so believe I delved deeper into my characters’ inner landscape.

Tina: Did you know Daisy Chain would be a trilogy when you started it?

Mary: Yes, I pitched it as a three-book series. I just finished the third book (thankfully!). After trying to keep four storylines in my head for two years (Each book had its own storyline, and then I had the overarching storyline for the series), my brain nearly exploded or cramped forever or died. I need my brain back, so perhaps I’ll write a standalone next time.

Tina: How much of real life ends up in your novels?

Mary: A lot of my emotional landscape ends up between the pages of my books, though now that I’m venturing out into new topics, a lot of peripheral life ends up in there as well. Daisy Chain started with a conversation with a friend whose father acted one way in a ministry situation and quite another behind closed doors. His is not my story, but I felt it was so important that I incorporated it into a book.

Tina: You are a Christian, so in what way does that influence your writing? As a writer, do you ever feel limited by your beliefs or do your beliefs serve to add more depth to your stories?

Mary: I can’t help but have my Christ-following inform my books. It’s why redemption shows up in every one, though the vehicle and feel of the redemption differs greatly. I do believe my belief deepens the stories because God is the master storyteller. I think that’s one reason He created us because He loves a good story.

Tina: Finally, you also write non-fiction. How do you separate the two and which is your favorite?

Mary: That depends. I like the simplicity of nonfiction. It’s easier for me to write. But hands down, I’m in love with fiction. It challenges me, and I can always improve. (I still feel like I have so much to learn.) I don’t really compartmentalize my nonfiction and fiction. I’ve written several nonfiction articles while writing the Defiance trilogy, and I completed my memoir, Thin Places, while writing fiction. They are two different animals.

Tina: Thank you, Mary. As a writer, I love hearing your insight.  

Get a Sneak Peek: Chapter One of Daisy Chain.

Purchase Daisy Chain here . 

Also visit Mary’s site, My Family Secrets, which is dedicated to helping others find hope by anonymously sharing secrets that hold them in bondage.

3 thoughts on “Special Interview With Author Mary E. DeMuth

  1. Thanks for the interview! Daisy Chain is packed in my suitcase along with Linore Rose’s new book. Should be a fun contrast!!

    As a women’s fiction girl all the way, I love both of y’all’s grit and spunk.



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