On Bad Reviews

As I eagerly await the release of Rose House, I know that reviews will start appearing soon. I’ve been through this with Ruby Among Us, of course, but I think I feel more nervous than before. Sometimes a second novel will be held to more scrutiny than the first. There is no chance for a reviewer to say, “for a debut novel.”

A bad review really can seem devastating to a writer, which is why I can relate to this heartfelt post by Mary E. DeMuth, author of Daisy Chain and appreciate the way she has chosen not to “live by the stage.”

I also find encouragement in this eye-opening post by Amy MacKinnon, author of Tethered, over at LitMaze. She really puts things into perspective as she discusses negative reviews some authors have received from Publisher’s Weekly. You might be very surprised, as I was, to find out who those authors are.

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