Back to School

Copyright Tina Ann Forkner 2008I love going home. I have lived in Wyoming for more than a decade now and I can say it’s truly in my blood and I think of it as home, but I still love going back to my Oklahoma Roots where I was raised.

Last year, my old hometown region’s newspaper did a pretty Cool Story About My First Novel’s Publicaton and I appreciate the invitation to visit my old school. Next week I’ll be speaking to my old Elementary and to my High School in Colcord about my journey. Later that evening, the school is hosting a public book signing at the High School Library. I’m looking forward to visiting with old friends, family, as well as any new readers who show up and want a signed copy of Ruby Among Us.

I’m also going to be visiting nearby Wyandotte High School during the same week to talk with students about the writing life. I’m really looking forward to meeting all of them.

If you are in the region, come to my Colcord Book Signing:

Book Signing & Celebration
Colcord High School Library
Thursday at 6:00 PM
Colcord, Oklahoma

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