Thank You to Colcord Schools

Thank you to Colcord Elementary, Middle School, and High School for having me visit their school in Oklahoma last Thursday, April 9th!
I am so proud to have graduated from CHS – a long time ago.
It was great to go back and you  should have seen these students. These kids seemed to hang on my every word, or were at least polite enough that it seemed likecopyright 2009 tina-ann-forkner-visiting-her-old-high-school-in-oklahoma1 they were, bless their hearts.  They were a smart group of students and I was just so very impressed with their attentiveness and intelligence. They’ve got class, as we would have said back in the eighties.
 I can’t choose a favorite part of the day. I spoke to the elementary first and the middle and high schools in the afternoon. 
copyright 2009 T.Forkner signing bookmarks for students
  They were just great and bright and had so many wonderful questions to ask. Thanks CHS!  
Librarian Mrs. Enyart
Later that evening they had a public signing and celebration that was packed in the wonderful high schoool library, especially considering there were Tornado warnings. At one point we could hear the hale outside and I was thinking we might all be staying there together all night in the school. But it did clear up eventually and more folks came and went. I must say I was very impressed with the HS library, being the library lover that I am. It’s the first library I ever had growing up.
copyright 2009 tina-with-two-colcord-teachers
I love the community of Colcord.  It’s where I was raised and always go back, but this is the first time I’ve been given a “Homecoming.” 
Many students from Colcord should be given a party. I reconnected with old friends who are now Dentists, school teachers, and nurses.  Sometimes growing up in a small town can give you qualities and ways of looking at the world that help you in life more than you might expect. There are so many good people in Colcord.
Who says small towns aren’t where dreams are born? Anybody can reach their dreams, I don’t care what town you are from.
  Thanks to CHS librarian Carolyn Enyart, Secretary Barbara Gray, Principle Cheryl Snell, Principle Jerry Swank, Kathie Bergmann, and Rodney Odle and everyone else for all of their hard work in organizing my visit to Colcord. I really appreciate it and loved visiting.
 copyright 2009 cheryl snell
And what a surreal experience to visit the teachers who helped me get started in life and share this all with them. Thanks to them for their part in launching my career.
 copyright 2009 me with mom and secretary
 And of course, I can’t forget the CHS Secretary Barbara. All the kids may call her mom, but I’m so lucky she’s my mom in real life.

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