Ruby Among Us Mentioned in the Gillette News-Record

ruby-among-us_cover_email-sizeThanks to writer Jeremy Goldmeier for including a nice write up about my writing journey in The Gillette News-Record. The story, Winds of Wyoming, appeared in the print edition on Sunday, April 9th and you can still read it at their online site. Other authors mentioned are Jon “J. Royal” Horton and Carol Walker.

If you read the story, be sure to rate it and let the paper know people like to read stories about books! I really appreciate  that the story was really more than a mention of the books, but was part of a very well-written story about both books and the writer’s journey. Be sure to scroll down on that page. My part is about three books down. Thanks to Jeremy and to the  Gillette News-Record for highlighting authors who live in Wyoming.

If you are interested in Wyoming authors, you can read more about them in the story  Wyoming Women Writers. The story, which I have mentioned before, appears in the most recent issue of Wyoming Roundup from the Wyoming Library Association. A very nice story about my journey is on pages 20 and 21, but there are other wonderful stories about other writers, including Alexandra Fuller,  Cindy Keen Reynders, Tina Welling, the author of Crybaby Ranch and Fairytale Blues, which I am reading and enjoying, as well as other authors.

I realize that I’ve been blogging all week about my trip to Oklahoma and here I am now blogging about Wyoming. Both places are part of my life and writing journey.  I’ve also lived in England and inrose-house_email-size1 California and both of those locations have  also shaped me and are part of me, but Oklahoma seems to mark the beginning of my journey in an important way and Wyoming the amazing destination.

Of course, I’m still in my thirties (for a little longer!), so who knows what life holds, but I’m  so grateful to have been a part of such great communities and hometowns, past and present, who are so supportive of my writing journey. I am blessed to have so many amazing people accompanying, leading, and nudging me down the road.

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