The Inheritance

the-inheritance1Even though I write Women’s Fiction, I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Historical Fiction. Yes, I love a good old fashioned romance set in the bygone days. Who doesn’t love a story in which a handsome cowboy  tries to capture the heart of a woman? My husband isn’t a cowboy, but the first time I saw my Wyoming guy in a cowboy hat, the chase was over. Like I said, who doesn’t love a romantic story with a cowboy?

Recently I had an opportunity to read Tamera Alexander’s novel, The Inheritance. It did not disappoint me! It has a cowboy. But something else I loved about this novel is that it deals with plenty of real life issues and situations, it’s filled with spice, and it’s still clean. For my young teen readers, don’t be put off by the historical aspect of this novel. This is a great novel that I think women, as well as their teen daughters, are really going to fall in love with.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the independent, but gentle heroine, McKenna , and the dashing Marshal Caradon. The complex issues Alexander tackles through her realistic portrayal of a young woman who has “inherited” more heartache than anyone as young as her should endure, will touch the hearts of readers.

Readers will certainly find themselves aching for McKenna as she navigates the turbulant waters of unexpected motherhood thrust upon her by the death of loved ones, but they will be inspired by her determined spirit and strong faith.

A story of inspiration and hope, The Inheritance is a book I will definitely be recommending to women both young and young at heart. Plus, I just love the cover.

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