Rose House is on Kindle



I recently heard that Rose House is available  for pre-order as an ebook. My publisher tells me it will soon be available in other ebook formats too, but so far I’ve only noticed it on Kindle.

I’m the kind of reader who likes to hold a real book in my hands, but I am happy for my readers who like the Kindle. I have to admit that it’s pretty neat that pre-ordered copies of  Rose House on Kindle will be delivered to readers’ Kindles on May 5th within seconds! That is amazing!

I have to admit that every time a friend or reader emails to tell me  they bought Rose House for their Kindle, I am surprised that so many people have ebook readers! It’s a different world now, isn’t it? I still remember the days when I watched Star Trek Voyager as Captain Janeway read novels on what was basically a reader. We are there!

A friend of mine left a message on Facebook mentioning that it would be neat to have so many titles stored on one ebook reading device. She has a great point. For some people, the ebook readers are perfect.

Ruby Among Us will eventually be out in ebook form, as well, but not yet. So, if you haven’t decided to go with an ebook reader yet, you will continue to be able to get both of my books in the real deal format while you are deciding.

For  me, I’ll keep reading books in their old-fashioned format. On the other hand, my husband wants a Kindle. It looks like I will eventually get to see what my books look like in ebook format, just like  Captain Janeway!

If you are interested in Kindle and what the ebook is all about in the publishing industry, read this post at Publisher and CEO Mike Hyatt’s Blog.

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