A Mother’s Day for Everyone, No Matter What Mothering Situation You Find Yourselves In…


My Amazing Mom at my First Ever Book Signing in 2008.(Scroll down if you are looking for the Mother’s Day Giveaways and Interviews. There are some beautiful Mother’s Day stories left in the contest comments by readers and the Finding Hope in Fiction Interview honors my own wonderful mothering journey.)

I am blessed to have such a wonderful Mother. She is a super hero to me and I am so grateful that she has shaped my life with all of her many wonderful qualities. I know I’m lucky to have her. She is the best Mother in the world to me. Thanks, Mom.

Even though I have always had a consistent Mother in my life, I am learning that for many people in life, mothering is a really important role that changes depending on each person’s journey.

I know there are so many unique mothering situations many of you find yourselvs in. Maybe you are a single mom. I have been one too, so I know your job is really the most important thing in the world. You are doing the right thing!

And so many of you are like the characters in my novels and have lost your mothers or are estranged from your mothers. Maybe sadly, you have lost your children or are longing to have children. Or maybe you are like some of my friends who have decided not to have children and wish people understood. I wish you all peace on this day. May God bless your tender hearts and point you to a new hope and purpose.

Some of you, no matter how wonderful or absent your own mother is, also find mothering from your grandma, sister, aunt, or friend.  Maybe you have  – or are – a single father who fills  the mothering role in addition to being a dad. As Kitty says in Ruby Among Us, “a Grandmother is a kind of mother, too.” Many different people can fit the role of mother and I have those people in my life, too. These other “moms” are so important!

Maybe you are even the one who fits the mothering role for others. Be encouraged because you are a blessing in someone else’s life.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my readers, no matter what Mothering situation you find yourselves in.

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