5 Minutes for Mom and Discussion Question

Here is an interesting review of Rose House over at 5 Minutes for Mom/5 Minutes for Books.  It looks like they are also giving away a copy if you have been trying to win one.

Here is a line from the review: 

Rose House features a little more mystery and a little more romance. But it also had what I appreciated about her first novel: clear, vivid, evocative writing following broken people making connections with other people who help them get to where they need to go.”

UPDATE  You might also want to participate in the Discussion about Ruby Among Us and Rose House at 5 Minute for Mom’s sister site, 5 Minutes for books. It centers around the same question I brought up a few weeks ago about  Are my sequels or not? 5 Minutes for Books is also giving away another book on this site for visiting or participating in the discussion. I realized they had posted this discussion question after I posted, so thought I’d update you.

(If you missed them, there is still an interview with me and contest over at Finding Hope Through Fiction, as well as a giveaway of Rose House over at Words to Mouth.)

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