Rose House Book Tour

My schedule of upcoming appearances and book signings has turned into a regular book tour, so let’s just call it that.

I remember how when Ruby Among Us came out, people kept asking me, “are you going on a book tour?” I would give them a sheepish smile and say no. 

Book tours usually don’t happen to a debut novelist, although sometimes they do. It is rare because publishers are very careful and strategic about where they put their money and time. Book signings are often scheduled by the author as invitations come while the publisher focuses on bigger publicity opportunities.

I’m pretty excited about my Rose House tour, which was announced when I was in the Colcord, Oklahoma area in April and officially kicked off in Cheyenne, Wyoming at my release party in May. The tour is a mix of efforts by friends, bookstores, publisher and a whole list of folks who have jumped on board. I am so grateful!  

We are excited about the whole tour, but the Tulsa/Joplin leg of the tour is something we are particularly excited about because I was born and raised in Northeastern Oklahoma. It is a sort of “hometown girl” portion of the tour. And my publicist, Jeane Wynn, is from Oklahoma and so I will get to see her and thank her in person for all her hard work!

Be sure to check the Appearances tab on this site and save the date. If you know people in any of the listed locations, I would be forever indebted to you if you spread the word.

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