Oklahoma Roots…

Here is a photo with me  and  Oklahoma author, Jean Hurt. Jean  has written her life stories in a book called Growing Up R.I.C.H. (Raised  in Crazy Holler). When I was a kid, I used  to walk to Jean’s house and I would stop and say hi.  She was – and still is – one of the most interesting and sweetest people I know. It is so important to preserve and pass on stories from our past and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to run into Jeane over at the Talbot Museum in Colcord during the Old Settlers Day. She even signed her book for me!  Tina Ann Forkner with local Colcord, Oklahoma Author and Friend, Jean Hurt.


 While in Colcord, I enjoyed my old hometown’s Old Settlers Day Parade, a visit to the amazing Talbot Museum, the rodeo and even enjoyed some fishing. During the day I ran into several old high school friends that I had not seen in years! I also enjoyed seeing some of the current students I first met in April during my visit to my old High School. It’s great to reconnect with folks. If you move your cursor over the photos you can see the captions:

Colcord, Oklahoma Parade.Tina with the manager of the Talbot Museum in Colcord, Oklahoma - they displayed one of my books.Me with my brother, Troy Gray, mother Barbara, and Sister Cheri at Tulsa Mardel's.Sister Cheri, S.I.L Laura and Me visiting at our Parents' Home in Oklahoma.My Daddy Fishing in Oklahoma.

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