Hanging out with Writers in the Mountains at Crested Butte

I’m having a great time in Crested Butte, Colorado at the Crested Butte Writing Conference. The Crested Butte Friends of the Library have put on an amazing conference unlike any I have been to. It’s very intimate here. The conference isn’t too big, so attendees have more of an opportunity to speak to the presenters and authors.

People seem to be less nervous (except for me, but that’s a norm when it comes to speaking) and more comfortable around each other and the faculty than I have seen anywhere else. It’s just a wonderful conference over all. Of course, the views are spectacular and the feel of Crested Butte is small and intimate. There doesn’t seem to be any reason to be in a hurry around here.

Other speakers at the conference are William Bernhardt, Aryn Kyle, S.S. Wright, agent Donald Maass, editor Lisa Rector, and agent Colleen Lindsay, as well as visiting editors Adam Wilson, and Katherine Nintzel. All have been wonderful, intriguing people I’ve enjoyed meeting.

I especially enjoyed the Donald Maass seminar and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to push their novel to the next level. He has a number of standalone seminars coming up, but I am thinking about catching him again at the ACFW conference in September if the seminar hasn’t sold out yet. Definitely well worth the time to listen to him.

Here are a few pics. It’s a little cloudy today, so they aren’t real clear, but still stunning. Years ago I visited Switzerland and I never thought I’d find another place that comes close as far as beauty, but this is it: 

An early morning shot from my balcony today in Crested Butte. From my balcony, an early morning shot of the mountain. Below you can see the Grand Lodge where the conference is held.

2 thoughts on “Hanging out with Writers in the Mountains at Crested Butte

  1. Hi Tina:

    I can’t remember if we’ve corresponded in the past. There was some research being done on the “Forkner” family.


    1. Hi Donald. I don’t recall. There aren’t too many Forkners around, but the name is from my husband’s side so I don’t know much about the history.


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