How One Writer Embraced His Bad Reviews

I came across this  hilarious video and had to share it. All writers get a few negative reviews in our publishing careers – even me. GASP! I know. Can you imagine? I choose to ignore any negative review in favor of the more delightful reviews and the lovely emails that my readers send me.

The author in this video has found a way to poke fun at his bad reviews and use them in order to entice readers. I think his ability to laugh at his reviews might be enough to convince readers to buy the book and it looks like it is selling.  Not to mention that the sources of the reviews are pretty tough review publications to get into. He deserves Kudos for making the cut even if the reviews were bad. I wish him luck:

Tina Ann Forkner is the author of the newly released novel, Rose House, and of her 2008 debut, Ruby Among Us. You can read some of her good reviews on this site. If there are negative reviews, you won’t find them here. 🙂

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