Waterbrook Multnomah Sweepstakes

This is the link to enter the Waterbrook Multnomah Sweepstakes at THEIR site. If you are looking for MY Huge Summer Sweepstakes, it is my July 17th post. You can Click HERE!

Waterbrook Multnomah/Random House Beach Bag Promo 2009My publisher is hosting the coolest Summer Reading Beach Bag Sweepstakes and You can enter!  They are giving away TWELVE bags (6 boys and 6 girls). You can enter for a chance to win some really great books including my latest novel, Rose House!

 Click Here to Enter the Waterbrook Multnomah Summer Reading Beach Bag Sweepstakes.

Among the list of cool reads is The Night Watchmen, which my husband is within pages of finishing (he says it’s really good), Never the Bride, Broken Angel, Blue Like Play Dough,  and a whole list of other really cool books, and other fun prizes.

Remember, you have to follow the link to the Waterbrook web site in order to enter. Leaving a comment here won’t count. Happy Reading!!!

8 thoughts on “Waterbrook Multnomah Sweepstakes

  1. My apologies, you are right that my link was incorrect.

    Here is the Waterbrook Link:

    Here is my actual contest link:

    I’ll still count your entries, but if you have time it would help if you put them in the July 17th entry. My apologies. You were doing everything right. It was ME that was wrong. 😦


    1. Hi Linda! You have the system down, but you need to enter on the July 17th posting. You are accidentally leaving it on the old posting. So sorry!


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