Winner of The Echo Within

Johannah B. is the winner of The Echo Within, by Ron Benson and the bonus book, Nice Girls Don’t Change the World, by Lynne Hybels. Thank you to all of the entrants who entered and especially those who shared their Dreams for an extra entry. Your dreams are sure to inspire others and I know they have inspired me.  

And don’t forget to take a look at the July/August issue of Homecoming magazine for more inspiring books that can help you reach your dreams even in hard times. There are several reviews of some wonderful books in my article on page 28 and some wonderful advice and wisdom from Gloria Gaither and the Homecoming Family.

If you didn’t get to share your dream in the contest, you can still share it here…

4 thoughts on “Winner of The Echo Within

  1. It is SO good to hear from you, Mr. Benson. How nice of you to take the time to stop by. I have really appreciated the lessons in THE ECHO WITHIN. They stay with me. Jeanette T. gave me DIGGING IN a few years ago and I also was very touched by your writing. I am happy to spread the word.

    Blessings on You.



  2. TINA —

    Thank you for taking the time to read THE ECHO WITHIN in the first place, for saying such kind things about what you read, and for sharing it with your friends. I am honored and humbled and grateful.

    Be in touch, and namaste —

    Robert Benson


  3. Hi, just stopping by to say “thank you !!!” — can’t wait for the books to arrive… and while I am here I am entering the new contest. Can lightening strike twice?


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