The “Plot” Thickens

I want to let you all know about a wonderful blog by author Deborah Raney  called The Plot Thickens: Novelists and their Garden Plots. If you love reading and and you love gardening, this is a site you really shouldn’t miss. Deb has asked me before to send her some photos of my garden, but as I mentioned in recent posts, this year hasn’t been very fruitful because of this year’s travels and last year I was thwarted by the weather. Perhaps someday I will figure out how to successfully garden in Wyoming. Until then, I really enjoy perusing the beautiful gardens of the many novelists Deb has hosted on her lovely blog.

One thought on “The “Plot” Thickens

  1. I’m heading to this site right now! I just took a bunch of pictures of my garden that’s FINALLY blooming. Wish my garden was bigger and I’ve been looking around my house trying to figure out where else I could put more perennials. I just hate loosing lawn space. I’ll have to ask my landscaping friend at work!


    PS I joined the She Reads on FB and will be checking out the site as well!


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