We Love Spuds

 Update: We baked it. 🙂

The Baked Heart Spud










We were baking some potatoes for dinner and came across this lovely, heart-shaped spud nestled in the middle of the bag. My darling daughter really wants to eat it for dinner! I think a meal full of love is in order, and definitely a new book about Spuds. My daughter and I will write it together! What should I call the book? And if we cook it for dinner, any recipe ideas?


Heart Spud Photo - Copyright 2009 by Tina Ann Forkner


5 thoughts on “We Love Spuds

  1. Pam, that is an incredible story! What fun you must have had. I am so glad you shared it. When I lived in England, I knew a potato farmer. She used to bring giant bags of huge spuds to me. There were so many I had to give them away, but I never did find a heart!

    We baked it this morning and had it with sour cream, butter and a side of scrambled eggs and cheese. My daughter was precious with it. 🙂


  2. How fun that you found a heart-shaped potato! (on the sorting table, they are usually pitched to the reject pile, can you imagine that??) When I worked potato harvest quite a few years ago, the farmer I worked for had a field full of different sizes of those, along with the normal shape you’d expect to see. I’m a potato-shape nut and brought home fun shapes. I had a 100 pound bag of a variety of sizes of those. For Valentine’s Day at church that winter, we had a pot luck and I baked an oven full of them. People studied them to see how I ‘tricked’ them into believing they were that shape. The farmer’s nephew, the first one he saw, said “Look what I found, a double-wide”. (they had just moved into a double wide trailer house and he was only 5 or 6 years old at the time.)


  3. It really is odd. LOL. Maybe if we lived on a farm it wouldn’t be so amazing to us, but living in town we don’t get to see these things too often. The pic of your baby is adorable!


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