Meeting Our Favorite Authors

 This month I attended back to back writing conferences (RMFW & ACFW) and spoke at the Wyoming Book Festival in between. Tina Ann Forkner & Reader Eve

Visiting with authors and readers has been wonderful and I came away from all three events with different ideas and inspirations to improve my writing.

Like any writer, I want to do better. I want my next work to be a meaningful novel that touches readers. And speaking of readers, some of you came by my book signings at these events and I had the wonderful opportunity to meet you.

I remember the first time I met a real live published author. It was Amy Tan.

I was a student at Sac State and at the time, I was unpublished and just beginning to discover my own writing voice. Meeting Amy Tan was like meeting a Rock Star.  I remember being so nervous when she signed my copy of her book, I could hardly speak, but I did mumble a few incoherent words. How could I miss the chance to tell her how much I loved her book?

How odd  it sometimes seems that I would be signing copies of my own book for readers at a book signing. I don’t feel like a published author and I am always surprised that a reader would take the time to read my book, let alone make it a point to meet me at a signing.

I was especially touched this weekend when I met Jan, a reader I mentioned in an earlier post (Where We Read), who Tina Ann Forkner & Reader Janenthusiastically introduced herself and asked me to sign Ruby Among Us. She said she read Rose House sitting in the shade of an Aspen grove.

Another reader, Eve, stopped by to have me sign her book and very sweetly said that meeting me was the highlight of her conference.

Meeting me?

No, Eve (and Kathy from the Wyo Book Fest, Jan, Rosanna, and all the other readers who stopped by), meeting you was the highlight of MY conference/weekend. And I hope you had the chance to meet your other favorite authors at these multi-author signings.

I am always touched to meet my readers and I am not the exception at all. I don’t know an author who doesn’t love to meet readers.

Next time you have the opportunity to meet your favorite author at a signing, go for it. And when you are standing across from them waiting for their autograph, talk to them. They are just normal, like you, and very grateful.

After all, we write our books for you. 


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