Book Club Visit in Cheyenne

I had a great time last night visiting the EFree book club in Cheyenne, Wyoming. These ladies are so E Free Book Clubdown to earth. I had such a great time with them.

They invited me to talk about Ruby Among Us last year and they all showed up at my release party for Rose House, so I felt like I already knew them.

Readers all come to a story in different ways, so it’s always really interesting to see how they feel about different aspects of the book. The members of this group had some really great insights about Rose House.

Thanks, Ladies, for reading Rose House and sharing your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Book Club Visit in Cheyenne

  1. Hey Tina,

    I couldn’t find any way to contact you directly, so I’m leaving a comment to thank you for sending me another copy of Rose House. You really didn’t need to do that!! I was so surprised when I opened it! I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your thoughtfulness, and that I’m excited to read it. =)

    Thanks again,
    ~ Lori


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