Every Writer Needs a Pet

Writer stereotypes famously depict us as neurotic, chain-smoking individuals who drink too much. I  think it’s just so much easier to get a dog.Sassy_T. Forkner

Writers spend a great deal of time writing, which translates into sitting and it’s easy to get out of shape. It’s also easy to get depressed and frustrated when our story isn’t going right or because we aren’t socializing enough. Sometimes it takes a good pet to pull us away from our drama.

I already had one dog who is a Pharoah Hound mix named Sassy. We don’t know what she is mixed with, but she is adorable. To make a long story short, the job of keeping me active and socialized was just too much for her, so she asked for a friend. It just gets boring lying around waiting for her writer to get her word count in.  Boring!Ruby_t. Forkner

The family had mercy on her and decided to adopt a new dog. She’s a greyhound rescue who is just about the sweetest creature I’ve ever met, next to Sassy of course. Between the two of them I should be walked often and made to laugh even when my story isn’t going well.

My word count might be in danger, but my over all health will be just right. We named the new dog Ruby, of course.


3 thoughts on “Every Writer Needs a Pet

  1. I have two cats with very different personalities – and both like to interupt for attention often. We also have my daughter’s Guide Dog, Tatiana, who is just so awesome! She is like having another person in the house. Great for all kinds of fun and very business-like when called upon. Maybe I will name characters after this trio – Missy, Maggie and Tat!


  2. Two dogs, oh my! I was never a dog person, though I’m slightly fond of our King Charles Cavalier (except when he pees all over the house!!!) and even toyed with another. But one more dog means twice as much work! Can’t go there no matter how cute they are! You’re a saint for rescuing, and I LOVE your header pick! 😉


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