Real Tree vs. Fake Tree

When I was a kid living in Oklahoma my mom loved a fake tree and my dad preferred a real one. Us kids were caught in the middle. We loved a real one, but the fake one always looked pretty too. When the debate would come up every year, both our parents would pose their argument and try to get the kids to side with them.

Mom’s Argument: It’s an “artificial” tree, not a fake tree. You can put an artificial tree up a whole month early. The day after Thanksgiving is always preferrable. It always has a nice color. Kids won’t have to run the vacuum cleaner every day to clean up the needles and there is no watering twice a day.

Dad’s Argument: Yes, you have to wait to put the real tree up and do all the upkeep, but when Christmas is over, you just throw it out in the woods behind the house for the critters to make a home in. It smells really good. It smells like Christmas! It’s the way our grandparents used to do things. It’s country and we live in the country. And if we cut our own, it’s free!

It was always difficult to decide what to do, but from what I remember, every year the tree was beautiful. We strung popcorn, hung up age-old and new ornaments, and drank hot chocolate. Real or fake, I mean artificial, we always had a tree covered with candy canes and tensile. If it was an artificial year, our dad hung evergreen car fresheners inside the tree to make it smell better. If it was a real year, we would take the trimmed boughs of the trees and try to make our own decorations and  wreaths. No matter what, Christmas was always “real.”  

I shouldn’t be surprised that at our house it’s the same difficult decision every year only it is my husband who likes the fake, I mean artificial, tree. I like the real one. This year, it was my turn. We have a real tree.

5 thoughts on “Real Tree vs. Fake Tree

  1. Tina, I have always loved the smell of the real Christmas tree. But for years we have used the artificial tree. I am in agreement with your mom. No muss or fuss. But like your dad states, no smell which I miss. I love the smell of balsam fir. I have this little balsam fir pillow that sits on the back of my sofa and the smell reaches out into the room from time to time or I will grab it and smell it drawing in the fragrance of the balsam fir. I would love to have a real tree. But we have the artificial one now and we just use it. I know that Franc love the real tree too. I think Cris does too. He husband won’t have anything but a real one. I grew up with the real one too and the first few years of my marriage we had the real thing.

    Whether or not it is real or artificial I wish you the most wonderful Christmas. Mine would be perfect if I could have my whole family together, but that isn’t going to happen this year. I so miss spending Christmas with my whole family.

    But anyway, it will be artificial tree this year and I have yet to get it up. No enthusiasm.

    Love ya,


  2. I love a live tree but Jason is allergic so for 19 years I have used artificial. The artificial ones have grown on me. I don’t miss cleaning up dead needles but do miss hiking in the woods looking for the perfect tree. I wonder what my kids will choose when they leave home.


  3. Yippy, I have a real tree, too, this year!! We always had a great time picking it. We had to purchase our felled tree though. This year since I had shoulder surgery in Oct, I decided to get a real, I mean live, tree from work.

    Too bad I picked it in the dark. 🙂 At the bottom and the top it’s straight, but in between…not so much. I think it’s a scotch pine. It has pine needles for about a foot then it’s all twig. 😦 Needless to say, our ornaments are barely hanging on!

    Next time we stay home for Christmas instead of traveling, we’re chopping it down. Maybe one of these days I will go find a free one and chop it down. For now I think I’ll stick with the farm.

    Merry Christmas Tina,


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