Trying to Get Published?

 I receive a ton of questions from aspiring writers about how to get published. As many of you already know, I tell new writers they need to write a really good book. If you don’t write a good book, all the hard work of researching agents and publishers, submitting manuscripts, and promoting yourself on your blog will be a waste of time. So, I was glad to read on agent Rachelle Gardner’s blog today that sometimes writers just need to write a better book. Here is the link to her blog and to a few others in the industry who can give you better advice than I can:

Trying to get published? It is tough advice, but agent Rachelle Gardner says you might just need to write a better book. Read her blog post “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”

The folks at Writer Unboxed are a mix of agents, authors and editors who  know the industry. Visit their blog to learn about the craft and business of genre fiction.

Chip  can give you all the advice you need to know about publishing in the CBA and beyond. He’s sometimes brutally honest, but if you are serious about publishing and really want to know how things work in the publishing industry, you need to bookmark Chip MacGregor’s blog.

Let popular novelist, parenting expert and freelance editor, Mary E. DeMuth, walk you through the process of writing a good book and seeking publication at her blog So You Want to Be Published.

If you want a look at what life is like as a newly published author and also get some sound advice about writing and publishing, check out the authors over at the Debutante Ball.

And finally, you might want to check out the view from the CEO of a CBA publishing company. Mike Hyatt tells it like it is from the publisher’s perspective.

There are many blogs out there  that offer sound advice, as well as conferences you can attend and books on craft that you can read. Some of my favorite craft books are The Art of War for Writers, by James Scott Bell, The Fire in Fiction, by Donald Maass,  Bird by Bird, by Anne Lamott, and The Faith of a Writer: Life, Craft, Art, by Joyce Carol Oates.  

The bottom line is always this: Writing comes first. You become a writer by writing and then you become a better writer by practicing your craft.


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