Rose House is this Week’s Good News Club Choice at Sign Up


Thank you,!

Rose House is this week’s Good News Book Club choice at I didn’t know Rose House was being considered, so it is an extra blessing. I hope you will sign up online to receive free excerpts of Rose House all week.

All you do is visit, click on the Rose House book cover, select the library link, put in your zip code, select your closest library, enter email address and select Good News Book Club and any other club you want to join. 

Important: You must select the Good News box on your library page and not just Fiction to get the Rose House excerpts from

My local library’s club is Laramie County Library, but you can choose any library near your zip code. The club is completely online and is a great way to support libraries and let them know what kinds of books interest you.

Update: There is also a Forum at where you can comment on Rose House and other selections. If you have read Rose House or are reading the selections, this is an area where you can share your thoughts about the book.

I hope you all enjoy reading a little bit of Rose House.


2 thoughts on “Rose House is this Week’s Good News Club Choice at Sign Up

  1. That’s so fantastic Tina! I’m thrilled for you. It’s these little blessings that come from the Lord that are here to remind us he’s with us in the little and big things!


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