How to Prepare for Getting Published

I’m always cynical about writers wasting time on self-promotion before their book is even published. There is nothing more important than writing a great book and all that other stuff just pulls you away from that goal. On the other hand, some unpublished writers do a great job at juggling both publicity and writing. Gina Holmes, debut author of the upcoming Crossing Oceans, created a platform for herself long before she ever received a book contract. She’s a founder of the long-running blog Novel Journey and I’ve watched her be active in the writing community while she was still dreaming about – and diligently writing – her first novel. Now she is published and anxiously awaiting the May release of her first novel. She has done such a great job with her early promotion efforts that promoting her published novel appears to be a seamless fit. Gina agrees with me that the book is the most important thing, as you will see if you read her article, but she also believes there are ten things unpublished novelists (I like to say prepublished myself) can do that might help a novel sell once it is published. Click over to Novel Journey  to read her article: 10 Things You Can Do Now to Promote the Novel You Haven’t Sold Yet. She has some really good tips you might want to try, plus I hear she has written an excellent book. You might want to try it too.

2 thoughts on “How to Prepare for Getting Published

  1. Tina, thanks for linking to that excellent article! She makes some great points. I agree that writing the best book you can has to be the number one priority, but it’s never too early to network!


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