Spring Updates

I know I haven’t been blogging enough lately, so I was amazed when I checked my stats to see that more than a handful of you are still stopping by. That’s great! What have you all been up to? As for me, I’ve been enjoying life and am writing a new book. 

This week is Spring Break, so I’m spring cleaning, painting rooms, putting the finishing touches on a doll house I’m building, enjoying family and the changing weather. Our daffodils are just barely up where I live, but at least they are on their way.

As for the book I am writing, it is turning out to be longer than the first two novels I published and I’m doing my best to dig deeper on this one. I think every author longs to do better each time and that’s how I feel about what I’m writing now.  As a result, the manuscript is taking more of my writing time and believe me, I’m not complaining. It’s the writing process itself that I enjoy so much.

While you are waiting for my next novel (Okay, I can dream that you are), be sure you have read both Ruby Among Us and Rose House and I appreciate how many of you continue to spread the word about my books. Thank you.  I’m approaching two years of  being published and I’m still blown away by the support of my readers. I really appreciate your taking the time to read someone who is still relatively new on the scene.

In other “news,” I recently taught at the Northern Colorado Writers Conference about Inspirational and Christian writing. I was really surprised at how many folks were interested in weaving faith into their writing, and not just in Christian books, but in books they are writing for the mainstream. People are interested in exploring faith in fiction, as evidenced by the success of The Secret Life of Bees, Jewel, Prayers for Sale and so many other amazing novels. I’m sure you, as readers, can think of many more. If you were at the conference and didn’t get the resources sheet, be sure to email me and I’ll send it right out to you: atforkner [at] yahoo [.] com

It’s also the time of year for writing contests. I am busy judging entries for a few upcoming writing competitions for certain writing organizations. I love being able to give tips to “pre-published” authors in this way. This is my second year as a volunteer contest judge and if  I could give you all one tip, it would be to EDIT more before you send your entries to a contest, agent, or editor.

Now, it’s your turn. What are you writing?  What are you reading? What are your plans for Spring?


9 thoughts on “Spring Updates

  1. You go, girl! Praise God!

    Have been busy planning a spring/summer Ladies of Grace Bible study/reading thingie and reworking two proposals. Sigh. My favorite thing.

    But THIS WEEK is a holy week, to set aside for Him…



  2. Hey, Tina,

    I’m reading The Help, writing A Wedding Invitation (tentative title for my fourth novel due out next year), and keep looking up at my gutters knowing they need a spring cleaning. But I wouldn’t want to get on that ladder and fall, so I’m putting that off today. Beautiful weather here in Durham, NC–67 degrees and my purple irises in my garden are blooming!

    Looking forward to your next novel.

    ~ Alice


  3. I am working on an article/interview with Robin Swicord for the online magazine WOW! Women on Writing. I am reading Ruby Among Us (now that I have time to really enjoy it). Plans for Spring? To plant a veggie garden.


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