Cowboy Trouble, by Joanne Kennnedy

I want to officially congratulate my friend, Joanne Kennedy, on her debut novel Cowboy Trouble. Joanne is a romance novelist in Wyoming and I feel blessed to live in the same town as her. Even though Joanne and I write in very different genres we have become writing pals, sharing the ups and downs – all ups for Joanne right now – of publishing, along with a small group of writing professionals who occasionally meet at a local bookstore. 

I first met Joanne a few years ago when my first novel Ruby Among Us came out.  I heard it was on the shelves at our local Barnes and Noble, so me, my dad and sister-in-law all piled into the car and headed over to the bookstore to see.

My sister-in-law was snapping pictures like crazy as I stood beside the local author table seeing Ruby Among Us in a store for the first time ever. I promptly became a teary mess and Joanne, who was working at the store, assured me that crying was normal and she said that if she ever got her own novel published she would probably cry too.

Every now and then over the next year my dad would ask how my friend at B&N was doing with her book. I think he was as happy for her as I was when I called him on the phone and told him she DID get a book contract and a chance to cry when she saw her book on the shelf. My dad doesn’t know Joanne, but he knows it isn’t every day that a writer gets published and the joy of it is something that only a writer, or a family member of a writer, can truly appreciate.

Joanne had the  joy of not only seeing her debut novel, Cowboy Trouble, on the shelves for the first time ever, but she saw the shipment come into the bookstore. Wouldn’t that be cool to be working when your own book arrived in the bookstore?

Joanne  is already a big hit as a local author in our town and Cowboy Trouble is selling like hotcakes, not just in Wyoming. I read it and am still chuckling about the little fictional town of Lackaduck and Libby’s adventure of starting a chicken farm and yes, of course, falling for a handsome Wyoming cowboy.

Joanne’s writing is funny and heart-felt and I know she has a very long career ahead of her. I am glad to be able to share, along with the rest of the town,  in some small part of her debut novelist journey and look forward to watching her writing career unfold far beyond Lackaduck, Wyoming.

4 thoughts on “Cowboy Trouble, by Joanne Kennnedy

  1. Thanks for the write-up on Joanne Kennedy and “Cowboy Fever”.

    A little more info: In a few months Sourcebooks Casablanca will publish her next western romance, “One Fine Cowboy”, to be followed by “Cowboy Fever”. I’m looking forward to them.

    Judging by the buzz about Joanne’s debut novel, she’s already building a considerable fan base. I highly recommend her fun website/blog,, and her lively Facebook fan page, “Joanne Kennedy Books”.


    1. So excited for you, Joanne. And thanks for stopping by Bill and Mary. Yes, Mary, you are right about Joanne’s fun web site. Thanks for leaving the link and the other titles.


  2. Tina, what a wonderful Sunday morning surprise to see my book featured in your blog! I remember being so touched by your reaction to seeing your book in the store for the first time – and I also remember thinking “Oh, why did I tell her I’m a writer? Now if I don’t get published I’ll be embarrassed!” But it all worked out:)
    One of the best things about writing is the generosity of everyone in the writing community and how we support each other – and you’re a great example of that! Thanks for being such an encouraging, supportive friend.


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