The Promise of Morning

One of the great things about being published is getting to meet other authors. Ann Shorey is one of the authors I’ve been blessed to meet and have found her to be a wonderful encourager to other writers, including me. Ann just has that something special about her that makes you want to get to know her. Maybe that’s what also draws readers to her stories.  

Ann’s passion is history and it shows in her writing. I have enjoyed both of her novels immensely and have been remiss in posting about The Promise of Morning, which just released a few months ago. Here are my thoughts about her book, better late than never. (And note that I would say these things about her book even if I had never met her.):

When I read The Edge of Light, I wondered how Ann Shorey would follow up such a lovely story. I’m very excited that she has continued her Beldon Grove series and am very touched by The Promise of Morning’s gentle story of grace. A good historical fiction novel should have a touch of romance, a sense of adventure and characters that are tough enough to make it through hardship, but tender enough to be human. I found all of these qualities in The Promise of Morning and now am looking forward to the next installment. I am not at all surprised that the respected historical fiction author Jane Kirkpatrick endorsed The Promise of Morning. It is a beautiful story of how God’s hand worked in Ellie’s and Matthew’s life. 

A moving story with compelling characters, The Promise of Morning is rich in historical detail that pulls the reader into the world of Beldon Grove.  I highly recommend it for historical fiction lovers and anyone who wants a true-to-life story that inspires

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