Liefde levenslang

This is my Dutch cover for Rose House (Liefde levenslang). Liefde levenslang is releasing now in the Netherlands. I am so excited about it!

I think the cover is just beautiful. I Love the colors and the pose of the model. She looks a lot like what I envision my character, Lillian Diamon, to look like in the novel.

It’s a neat feeling knowing ones book will be enjoyed in another part of the world in another language. It’s just one more way that a writer’s words can be far reaching and I’m honored and thrilled Rose House /Liefde levenslang is part of it.

I  hope my Dutch readers enjoy reading more about the Rose House that first started in Ruby Among Us / Ruby’s erfenis.

4 thoughts on “Liefde levenslang

  1. Mimi, thank you and I’m not sure why a new cover. The Dutch publisher decides what cover customers will be drawn to. Sometimes they keep the same cover of a book and sometimes it’s new. Both of mine have been new and I’m really pleased with the results. Very beautiful work from the Dutch publisher, KOK.


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