A Night on Broadway

I recently saw Promises Promises at The Broadway Theater in NYC.  Loved  it.

Last time my husband chose the revival production of Sweeney Todd. I wasn’t so sure I would enjoy it, but we both ended up loving it. Patty Lupone was such a treat as the pie baker and the music was amazing.  It’s really too bad it has already closed. 

This time, it was my turn to pick the show, so I picked the revival of Promises Promises because I loved the actors involved. Kristin Chenoweth and Sean Hayes were both fantastic, just as I expected. Chenoweth is a professional on Broadway, but some of you parents might recognize her as the  quirky mom of the Gornicke family in the movie RV. She has a terrific voice. Sean Hayes is Jack from Will and Grace and is even funnier on stage than TV. They were great on stage together. I hate to use the word charming because it makes the production sound sappy, but it really was charming (not sappy). It’s amazing  how actors really shine on stage as opposed to film. A good actor on the screen can really turn into a great actor when you see them on broadway.

We followed the show with dinner at Becco’s. We love Italian food and we weren’t disappointed. I  enjoyed listening to the waiter, even though I couldn’t really understand a word he said. I went for the pasta special because at least I knew it was pasta. It was some kind of penne, a veal linguine, and gnocchi that was not made out of potato, but ricotta cheese and sage. If I were a food columnist, I could do it justice, but let’s just say it was delicious.

Over all, the night was everything a night in NYC should be. I also ate way too much, but who cares?


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